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Paula's Precious Pumpkins Licensed Child Care Home

"Your Child's Home Away from Home"

Childcare for Douglas County School Dist. - Conventional Schedule

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Parent Handbook



First of all, I would like to welcome your family to "Paula's Precious Pumpkin's Licensed Childcare home"  A "Smoke Free" Environment.  I am glad to have you as part of my childcare family.  On the following pages, you will discover my philosophy and goals, operating procedures and policies concerning the care of your child/ren.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact me about them.


I would like to give you a little history about myself and my family.  My husband, Dan who works in the Phone Industry, (Dan works from home) and I have been married since May of 1982.  We have one grown son, Bobby who is an Electrician, and is married to his wonderful wife, Tracy.  They have two daughters, Abigail, (Abby), born 10/2006, and a Charlotte (Charli) born 6/2009 they currently live in Pleasanton, CA.  


My background was actually in Secretarial work and Banking. However, I decided to leave the corporate world to stay home and take care of my son, Bobby when he was almost three years old.  In doing so, I also wanted to provide a safe and loving environment for other families to bring their children.  I know how difficult it is to leave your children with someone who is not related, or even known to you.  I faced that dilemma myself with my son when he was three months old.   Being able to provide peace of mind and confidence to parents that their children are well taken care of and loved just as if they were in their own home is what I strive to continue to accomplish as a childcare provider.



When I have an opening in my home, I am now only take Teachers or Doug. Cty School Systems children from the Douglas County School District Conventional Schedule.  I follow the schools schedule.  I am open from August thru May - closed June and July.  I am open Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  My home is licensed as an "Experienced Child Care Provider" and I can have up to nine children, ages newborn (6 weeks) to 13 years old.  I, however choose to take children until they enter kindergarten.


I am aware that each child has different needs and develops at their own individual rate.  I provide the children with a loving, warm, safe and healthy environment.  I realize that children learn best by doing, with opportunities for problem solving, decision-making, and exploration.  I provide a variety of ideas geared toward individual and group learning.  I help to guide the children to develop self-control through positive learning experiences.  I respect the trust given to me by the parents and work to establish positive communications between my home and yours.


I believe in taking a professional approach in what I can offer the children.  I will provide a licensed childcare home in compliance with the Colorado Childcare Regulations.  I will work to keep abreast of current information on childcare and Early Childhood Education.  I am active in continuing my education through workshops & conferences through various state and National childcare organizations.  I am also involved in the Douglas County Child Care Association.  I am currently the Referral for the Highlands Ranch area, I have held the positions of:  Membership Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Education Coordinator, Area Referral numerous times and Secretary for this Association.  I've been licensed in Childcare in Colorado as a professional since September, 1989.  My license number is #71678, you can check my file on line at:


This handbook has been prepared for you, the parent/guardian.  Please take the time to read this handbook thoroughly, as every parent needs to be aware of this information and will have agreed to the policies and guidelines herein upon signing the child care contract.


Philosophy and Goals                 


My philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational and secure environment for your children.  I will strive to enrich each child with a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity.  I also strive to promote mutual respect between the parents, the children and myself.  To accomplish these goals, I will work:


1.     To provide a nurturing atmosphere to promote the child's creativity and positive self-image in a place where they can feel comfortable, loved and secure.


2.     To provide the children with many different educational activities and play centers to explore and participate in.  I will provide developmentally appropriate programs for the children to experience and enjoy.  The Preschool Program is developed by me,  through conversations with kindergarten teachers, previous preschool plans, and many educational books I have on hand, to have a variety of many fun and different ideas.  I have enjoyed incorporating field trips into my curriculum.  This, however depends on the amount and ages of the current children in my home. I often take walks in my neighborhood, I have a music teacher who comes to my home bi-weekly, I receive library visits bi-weekly, and Tumble Boogie Bus who currently comes for Physical Activities/gymnastics each week.


3.     To provide positive methods of discipline to reinforce the strengths of the children and to help develop respect for others.  I try to develop age-appropriate limits to help the children gain a sense of independence and responsibility.


4.      I attempt to be available to parents for the purpose of daily communication.  My doors are always open.


5.      I support the NAEYC Code of Conduct to ensure the well-being as well as to support the healthy development of young children.  For more information on the NAEYC Code of Conduct please visit:



Open Door Policy: 


I have an open door policy, what this means is that my door is open for any childcare issues during my regular business hours/days that may arise regarding childcare.  If you would like to talk with me or visit during childcare hours, you are more than welcome to, but please take into consideration that the time can be disruptive to the routine of the children. You are more than welcome to drop in, but do to unfortunate safety reasons, I do lock the doors once the last child has arrived for the day and unlock them about 3:15 p.m. when parents start to pick of their children in the afternoon.  It would be very helpful if you would call/text in advance so I may prepare the children for your visit with something to keep them occupied while we have our visit.  If you ever need to simply contact me, you may also do so by phone/text (303) 358-2377 or email [email protected].    


Trial Period:


Of course your child's adjustment is important to both of us.  There will be a 2-week trial period that will be used to determine whether your child/ren will fit into my childcare program.  It is appreciated that a child does not always adjust easily to a new situation.  However, toHhis will give the child, the other children in my home, the parents and myself an opportunity to discover one another.  In this manner, we can determine if there is a working relationship for all involved.  Both parties agree to give two weeks to see if the child/ren can bond with the other children and me.  After 2 weeks, if either the provider or the parents do not feel the child is adjusting, both have the right to terminate the contract without further notice at which time your deposit will then be returned.




To hold your spot in my childcare, a prepayment of 2 weeks care is required as a "deposit" upon the enrollment of your child(ren). Until a deposit is received, the spot(s) in my childcare are still considered open.  This deposit is non-refundable UNLESS 3 WEEKS advanced notice is given prior to termination of this contract. At that time, this 2-weeks deposit will then be applied to the last two weeks of childcare in my home. NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.  HOWEVER, IF I AM 





HOLDING A SPOT TO ENSURE A SPACE FOR YOUR CHILD AND YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE MY SERVICES FOR WHATEVER REASON BEFORE SERVICE HAS BEGUN, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDEDThe reason being, during the time that I have been holding the spot for your child/ren, I am losing the chance to have had another child in his/her spot(s), as well as the income I would lose while in the process of once again interviewing and accepting another family for this spot. 


Upon enrollment, the parent shall complete and return all forms with payment for the first week of care.                                     


Child care is a legally deductible expense and I will provide you with a receipt.   If you prefer not to get these weekly receipts, just mention it.  I will provide a year-end statement for your income tax purposes to all my families.



Parent Responsibilities:


All the forms in the folder sent home with you, need to be read, signed and notarized, (when indicated) and returned to me upon your child's first day of childcare in my home:  It is a SOCIAL SERVICE REQUIREMENT that you have a yearly check-up for your child/ren, newborn babies through 2 years require additional immunizations & check-ups. These check-ups will assure your child's good health to the other daycare children and their families, as well as me and my family, not to mention your own family. Parents must have their pediatrician fill out and sign a Health Evaluation Form to keep in my file and reference for Social Services during their yearly inspections. I do attempt to get the necessary paperwork to the families about a month before the child's appts. are due.  IF I should forget, please mention it, I always have the forms ready to go in their files.  Thank you



Sign/Sign out:


I have a sign in/out notebook located in the foyer of my home for you to sign your FULL NAME (no initials) and the time you drop off your child/ren and then to sign your FULL NAME (no initials) and time when you pick up your child/ren this IS a Human Services Requirement.  This is entirely for security purposes and to document capacities.  If your child won?t be attending my home on a specific day, please send me a text, or call and let me know so that I can carry on with my day's plans.  Also, please make sure I am aware that you have dropped off or picked up your child.  Sometimes I'm not at the front door, I'm making breakfast, changing a diaper etc. so please be sure that I am aware that your child is in my home.  Thank you




Changes for your Address, phone #'s & work place

Please let me know right away of any changes in address, phone numbers, email address, work place, etc. so these changes will reflect immediately in my paperwork should an emergency arise.


Doctor's Appointments/Well Baby Visits/ Other Appts.


It would be very much appreciated that when making your child's Doctor, Dentist, picture taking appointments. visiting Santa Claus, you do it the first thing in the a.m. or better yet, the last in the afternoon.  It tends to be VERY disruptive to the children when they come, leave, come back, leave etc.  Also, when doing these visits the first thing in the a.m. or the last thing in the afternoon; it doesn't disturb any of the children's nap time & your child's lunch time etc.  Also, when I am planning to go on a field trip or an outing that too isn't compromised for everyone involved in my home.  All in all, the day goes much better when planning appointments this way, Thank you very much in advance. I also realize this isn't always possible, in which case we'll work with what we have.  Also, when taking your child to the Doctor for his/her checkup please remember to let me know IN ADVANCE so that I have his/her paperwork ready for you to take with you for any updates on shots, a signature and current date.  


Clothing (Extra to keep on hand):

The parents need to provide the following:

1.  A change of clothes (several changes for younger children who may spit up or be messy eaters, also when Potty Training begins.  Change of clothes includes:  Shirt, pants, underwear, and socks for the current season.   I send these clothes home periodically for season/size changes.

2.  Diapers

3.  Ointments (I can only apply ointments with signed permission form)

4.  A tube/can of Sunscreen once per year 30 spf or higher that "Doesn't hurt eyes."

5.  And in the winter, snow boots, mittens/gloves, hat, snow pants or extra pair of pants, extra socks, so the kids can enjoy the snow with their friends.





Also, I ask that parents dress their children in clothing appropriate to the season and weather.    Please do not send your children dressed in their "Sunday" best dress clothes, as we will be getting dirty playing outside or will be crawling around on the floor.  My childcare home is not responsible for misplaced or unlabeled articles of clothing or personal belongings (toys).  Please write your child's names on the label or inside collar/tag of their coats, boots, hats, jackets, sweaters, etc.  You have no idea how many boys come in with size 6 blue boots from Target on the same day.  I do :)

Abuse or Neglect


By Colorado Law, I am required to report any signs of abuse or neglect of children in my care to Social Services, and I will promptly do so.  I am liable as a child care professional for this responsibility and can be fined or jailed for failing to do so.  Parents also have a responsibility to report any suspected child abuse or neglect.  You may contact the Douglas County Department of Human Services at (303) 688-4825 to file a report.


*****Termination of Your Contract: *****


Please give me at least 3 - full weeks, beginning with Monday, before the child is to leave my home.  Failure to give proper notice will result in the normal fee being due and payable to cover the 3-week period.  As the provider, I reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time if I ever feel it is deemed necessary.  


Possible Additional Fees:


All services are PREPAID and payment must be made on the first weekday morning for the current week of care.  No postdated checks will be accepted.  Parents are welcome to pay multiple weeks if they choose. There will be a $20.00 charge for each day the payment is late, this does include times when a back-up provider is used.  Checks returned for in-sufficient funds, closed accounts, or similar reasons must be rectified immediately by a cash payment plus an additional $45.00 service fee, as that is what I will be charged by my bank.  From that point on, I may require that all payments must be made in CASH




There will be an overtime charge for all children picked up after their scheduled pick up time, & or no later than 5 p.m.  My intent is not to increase my income, but to have my opening and closing times respected so I may follow through with my family plans and commitments.  Overtime is charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute and is payable at the time the child is picked up for the day.   If your late fees are not handed to me upon arrival, you may be asked to withdraw your child from the childcare home effective immediately.  


Damaged items:


If your child purposely damages any child care property, or personal property of the provider or provider's family, such as toys, books, equipment, windows, or furnishings, etc. you will be expected to replace the item or pay for the replacement/repair.   


Potty Training: 

A $5.00/day or $15.00/week additional fee will go into effect while your child is being potty trained.  Potty training periods will be discussed and approved by both the parents and myself at a prior "conference."   Children must exhibit all signs that they are ready for potty training prior to commencement.  This fee will be in effect from the first day your child wears any type of training pants until he/she can use the bathroom with little assistance for at least one full week.  Please do not allow your child to wear Pull-ups prior to being potty trained, as this will defeat the purpose at the time of potty training, by this time have gotten used to using the pull-up as a diaper.  The family needs to work with the child at their home for at least 1 week to get the child in the right frame of mind, then I will begin with training at my home with your child who has some idea as to what he/she needs to do.  Thank you                                      





Preschool Program: 



Curriculum:  I plan a complete curriculum each year to provide each child the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.                                   

Socially:  Children are encouraged and given time to develop friendships as they work and play together with their peers.

Emotionally:  I will help each child develop confidence through positive reinforcement and activities geared for challenge and success.

Intellectually:  Children will be introduced to colors, shapes, number, letters, phonics, printing, etc. through varied developmentally appropriate activities.

Physically:  Each child will have the opportunity to develop balance and coordination through outdoor activities working on their large motor skills using a variety of outside equipment.  I work on small motor skills through art experiences, puzzles, and small manipulative toys.   


Field Trips:


My childcare home may be going on field trips either on foot to take a walk or by vehicle to visit people and places of interest or to make observations as part of the days curriculum, or simply go to a park or visit McDonalds Play area and stay for lunch.  As required by Colorado State Law, IF using my vehicle, all children will be in a car seat secured by a seat belt until they reach the weight or age limits set by the law.  If they exceed the limits, they will be secured by a seat belt.  I currently drive a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse that seats 7 passengers.  Field trips can be taken on a regular basis.  For safety reasons, of course, any advanced special planned trips will be cancelled in case of bad weather or other unplanned emergency. I do like to go on field trips and short excursions with the kids. We may be walking or ride in a vehicle to visit people and places of interest or to make observations as part of the day's curriculum. Your signed "Transportation Release" will be used as your "OK" for me to leave my home with your child.  This release will need to be updated yearly.  It is important that all emergency information on file is current and will be on hand when going on all excursions. We may go on a nature walk within walking distance of my childcare home.  Most "Field trips" are not typically planned out ahead of time as they are often spontaneous.  Sometimes, I'm short on kids and it's a welcomed change to get out and about for all of us.  As always, if you need to reach me at any time, please call/text my cell at 303-358-2377.






Absences/Sick Days/Provider Illness:


I will be fully compensated for any day your child is not in my home due to illness.  If I become ill and unable to care for your child during the day, I will contact one of my back up people to be with your children.  IF neither back up is available, I will notify you in the very worst case scenario, and ask that you pick up your child A.S.A.P.   I will be fully compensated for any time missed due to illness.  When back up care is available at my home, even if you choose to find alternative care, I do pay for the substitute so income is necessary.  If I realize that in the unlikely event that I am too ill to care for your child on a particular day and cannot obtain a back-up to sub for me at my home on that day, I will notify you by phone by 6 a.m. to let you know of the situation.

Substitute Care


I do have fellow childcare providers, as long as space provides within their license capacity, to use as "back up" in case you need help during an emergency or severe illness in my family arise unexpectedly, to watch your child/ren.  However, you are also responsible to have a person in mind should my backup people be unavailable at that time to you.  This would also be a headache saver for any unexpected emergency they may take place in my home fire, flood, no electric, etc. one never knows.  Having someone (family member, friend, neighbor etc.) that you can rely upon will make this time for you and your family less stressful and a better experience in that unpredicted time of need, no matter where you choose to send your child for care, home or center, unfortunate things can/do happen.


Pick Up Policy: 


I will release your child(ren) only to you, the parents OR your contacts that are listed on your Child's Admission Record, provided you have given me advance notice of their planned pick up for your child/ren.  If they are not known to me, I will ask them for ID, (so please prepare them in advance). If your Authorized pick-up list changes you must notify me right away as I will not release your child/ren to anyone unauthorized in writing or unknown to me.   I ask that you follow common expectations for all parents to help model for children, to include refraining from use of inappropriate language, and evidence of use of any substance during drop off and pick up.  If any adult arrives to pick up your child/ren appears to be under the influence, according to my judgment, (Alcohol or Drugs), I will contact you, or the other people authorized to pick up your child/ren on that


day using your "Child's Admission Record" list of people you have permitted to pick up your child/ren.  By law, I am to contact the Douglas County Sheriff concerning the adult under the suspected influence unless that person finds other arrangements to get home. (i.e. not driving themselves).  If I am unable to contact any of your listed Authorized "pick-ups" I will have no choice but to contact the Dept.  Social Services; PLEASE do not put either of us in this position.  In the event you are unable to pick your child up on time (by 5 p.m.), all I ask it for you to please contact me a.s.a.p.  It would be appreciated if you would contact one of your back-up people to pick up your child/ren.  Please remember my day ends for the families at 5 p.m.  I make personal plans for evening events, and have other obligations to attend to.  After my scheduled closing time of 5:00 P.M:  If I still have your child and its 5:01 p.m. or later, and it's not obviously "weather related"  I do need to receive a call from you as to what the situation is (accident, car broke down, etc).  If need be, I will feed your child(ren) dinner, and keep him/her/them content with my huge variety of toys and games until you arrive.  My late charges of $1.00 per minute late will be in effect IF I do not hear from you of your EMERGENCY SITUTION. 



People permitted to pick up your child/ren


Please list the people other than you (the parent's) that will be permitted to pick up your child/ren on the Child's Admission Form. I will send out form yearly to update these people.  If your list changes in the meantime, please let me know right away.  Please be aware that I will only release your child with your prior permission, and if the person is unknown to me, I will ask to see a picture ID before releasing your child to him/her, so please inform the person picking up that I will be asking for this identification, so that they come to my door prepared.


Court Orders/Restraints


IN THE EVENT of a court order restraining one parent or guardian from your child, I must have a written note from the custodial parent or guardian AND a copy of the court order. WITHOUT THESE TWO ITEMS. I cannot legally and will not be able to prevent a non-custodial parent from picking up their child.




Children with Disabilities/Discrimination:

I will not discriminate against children/individuals with disabilities on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age, special needs and religion. I will accept any child I feel will benefit from my care and does not cause an undue hardship on myself, business or the other children in my care.  Any issues will be discussed at the time of the interview and addressed accordingly.


Child with Special Needs


If a "Special Needs" child is attending my childcare home, the parents will be required to fill out an Emergency Information Form for their Child.  This form will be placed in the child's file on the first day of care, so that I may refer to it as needed for any specific instructions or assistance that maybe required.  If the child may need a comforting item such as a blanket/small stuffed toy, etc. please be sure to send this daily or if possible have an extra item that maybe left at my home.  This information will also be very helpful when emergency drills are practiced monthly. Thank you in advance.


Discipline: (Also see:  Philosophy and Goals #3)


I believe in positive discipline.  I try to reward children for correct behavior.  If the child's behavior is not acceptable after I talk with the child and give them a chance to make things right.  Other methods of guidance I may use will be logical and natural consequences, substitution, and role modeling.  If the behavior continues, I will use "time outs" according to the age of the child.  (Time-Out; 1 minute per age of child). If unacceptable behavior continues, despite all efforts to discipline, a conference may be necessary with the parents, the child and me.  Major life changes may often affect behavior, so please let me know of anything going on that may be affecting your child's behavior (a death, divorce, someone sick, a problem with their pet, etc.).  Also, I ask you as the parents to back me up at all times on discipline for misbehavior.  Failure to do so may result in immediate termination.  We all need to work together as "a team" for the better of the child/ren.




Jury Duty:


I will try my very best to see that I don't have an issue with Jury Duty as far as coverage for my

kids.  However, if I am called, and I do not have anyone available to watch your children at my

home, I have no choice other than to take this time off.   I will then take three paid days off if I

am called for Jury Duty, pursuant to Colorado State Statutes.  (Sections 13-71 126, 127, 128,

129). (Since 1989, zero days have been used)


Bereavement Leave:

I am to be allowed 1 week of paid bereavement leave (this is not vacation or sick time).  This leave is to use in the occurrence of a death in the family, a family member is involved in a major accident of some kind, or a family member becomes suddenly very ill and needs my assistance.  The provider reserves the right to also take any vacation time available in addition to the 1 week of bereavement.  I will do my best to assist you in finding back up care.  BUT to reiterate, you must have someone you can call in case of a family emergency, no matter what type of childcare you choose, you never know when something unplanned might come up for the provider/even a center.



If you would like your child to eat breakfast at my home, you will need to be in my home by 8:30 a.m.  If you need me to prepare breakfast and are running late, please call/text and let me know.  I would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter, this way I am not feeling like a "short order cook" and can get on with my daily plans with all the children. I will be serving well-balanced meals and I do follow specific FDA guidelines. On a daily basis, I provide lunch and an afternoon snack each day, provided your child is in my home during the scheduled meal/snack times. We as parents all know how difficult it can be to get kids to try new foods.  The children here are encouraged to taste all food items. Meal and snack-time is an ideal setting to notice colors, tastes, textures, similarities, and differences, smells, counting objects and socializing. Good table manners and polite behavior are encouraged. If your child has any FOOD RESTRICTIONS, (such as milk allergy, peanut butter, etc.) please indicate these restrictions in writing on your "Child's Admission Form." I do send home a menu each month as to what the children will be eating.  Also, I send home a "Cuddle Gram" each day showing their day until about the age of about 3 years old/potty trained where they can tell you themselves.



Special "diet foods:"


If your child requires a special diet (i.e. due to allergies, Dr. recommended, or the parents choice) it will be up to you the parent to supply the child's meals/snacks for each day.


Health & Immunizations:  For an updated immunizations schedule:   

It is my choice and important to my other families that your child/ren have their immunizations current & up to date for the health of everyone at my home.  If YOU choose not to have your child/ren immunized, I am sorry, but you will have to find another child care arrangement as I am not comfortable with that situation. The State of Colorado requires that every child in a childcare home or center to maintain a current physical exam.  The parent is required to provide my childcare home with a physician's statement certifying the child's health PRIOR to the first day of enrollment and must be updated annually (infants more frequently; 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 15 months, 18 months and 2 years.  Please let me know when the child's next appointment is, and I will give you the Medical Form to be filled out with current information, to be updated, signed and dated.  Additionally, the State of Colorado requires written permission from a physician to allow a childcare home to administer any medications to your child.  These regulations apply to both prescription and over the counter drugs.  Written permission from the doctor should be handled at time of the Dr. appointment who issued the medication.  However, if forgotten, the order may be sent to my home via e-mail [email protected] or by Fax at:  720-210-9923.  Please keep in mind that until the written authorization allowing me to give medication is received by me, no medication will be given per Colorado Law. All drugs and medications must be provided in their original containers and display the necessary prescription labels. 

Children that NEED to STAY HOME:


A.  Runny nose thick mucus, that is not clear or cough that persists for more than 3 days.

B.  Diarrhea - Must be free of diarrhea for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to child care.  If your child needs to drink (Pedialyte - See Human Services Policy on Pedialyte pg. 17) or if they need to eat certain foods i.e., applesauce, bananas etc. after being ill, and hasn't quite gotten their appetite back, please don't assume I have these items on hand that you may need; you need to bring them so that your child is assured to get what you/your doctor want them to have.  





C. Vomiting - If child is vomiting at home, please do not bring them to childcare, they must have not vomited a minimum of 24 hours before returning to childcare.  

D. Fever - No temps over 100 degrees for at least 24 hours. If your child has not been feeling well, and has a temp. before leaving your home to come to mine, please don't use Tylenol to mask the problem for a few hours while at my home only to contaminate everyone in my home. PLEASE, stay home with your child that day and get it under control. 

 E. Ear infection/sinus infection - These are "infections" and your child must be on medication for at least 24 hours before re-entering my child care home, as not to spread onto anyone else.


Medication Policy:


In order for me to administer prescription medication to your child, I MUST have, per the Department of Social Services, the following:  A signed permission slip from the child's pediatrician, noting the type of medication, what it's used to treat, the dosage, how often I am to give the medication to the child and the last day the medication is to be administered by me.  Also, a signed note from a parent allowing me to administer this medication. I will document the time, date and dosage on their medication log/form and on their daily report that is sent home each day. The first dose of any medication must be given at home due to the possibility of allergic responseThe medication that I give to your child must only be in the original container, bearing the original pharmacy label.  When medication reaches the final day that I am to administer it, any leftover medication/empty medication bottle will be return to the parent/guardian.   If it's easier for you so that you won't need to remember to bring the medication each morning, you can ask the pharmacist to divide the prescription into two containers, and leave one at my home.  All medications are stored inaccessible to the children.  I will note on the child's daily cuddle-gram the time and dosage I gave your child any medication, so that you know when the next dose can/should be administered to your child at home.



Over-the-Counter Medication/Pedialyte:

Any routine medication, prescription or non-prescription (over-the-counter), homeopathic or vitamin, may be administered by me ONLY with a current written order of a Health Care Provider with prescriptive authority and with written parental consent.  Home remedies may NEVER be given to a child by the provider.                  


Additional OTC Medications:   


Pedialyte is a medication, and can be purchased over the counter, it is an electrolyte solution and is considered a medication.  Pedialyte being an OTC Medication & does require prescriptive authorization from the child's healthcare provider along with written permission from the parents for me to administer Pedialyte or any OTC Medications to a child in my child care home.

Mild cortisone cream: Used for mild skin rashes or small patches of eczema are over-the-counter (OTC) and require written authorization from the health care provider with prescriptive authority and parent?s written permission.                                                                


Topical Ointments: (A separate form needs to be completed)

Topical preparations used for prevention on unbroken skin including, but not limited to, petroleum jelly, diaper rash ointments, sunscreen, and insect repellant can be administered solely with written parent authorization.  Topical preparations used as treatment on open wounds or broken skin MUST have a written order from a prescribing health care provider in addition to parent authorization.   


Sun Protection:  (Additional form needs to be filled out)                  

Sunscreen will be applied to children that are 6 months and older unless specified by you or your doctor. Sunscreen needs to be applied by you each day before leaving your home to come to mine.  I will then re-apply the child's exposed skin 30 minutes prior to outside play for the afternoon outside activities.  I will use Full Spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection factor SPF of 30 or higher.  Babies that are younger than 6 months will be kept out of the sunlight and wear protective clothing.  I do ask that each family bring a bottle of sunscreen one that doesn't irritate the eyes, each year to use on your child(ren) with at least SPF 30 or higher, labeled with your child's name.






Please inform me of any allergies your child may have (environmental, grass, foods, etc.).  I will accept children with clear runny noses, and minor ailments that are not contagious.  Please remember, when you send a sick child to me, not involving allergies, that spreads to the other children and probably back to your own child, a never ending cycle.  Now, let's also mention me, the Provider around the sick child(ren) all day, not good for you if I become too sick to work.  Generally, a visit to the Doctor and some medication for your child and he/she will be ready to roll in no time. Nip it in the bud early and save a lot of headaches for all of us in the long run, and without a doubt appreciated by all.  As we all know all kids have their moments and none are exempt from being sick.  For the children who are on daily medication that I need to administer, I must have a medical health plan signed from their doctor for me to keep at my home to refer to as needed before giving ANY medication.



Sleep Equipment in use:            


All children will have their own bed/matt, blanket/sheets that are washed twice a week unless needed more frequently.


Nap's/Rest Time


If your child is enrolled in Paula's Precious Pumpkins for more than 4 hours, a "Quiet Time" is observed between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (this also depends on what type of day the children have had). Infants are on their own schedule. If you will be picking up your child within these hours, prior arrangements would be appreciated, this way special arrangements can be made so that other children will not be disturbed during their much needed time of rest. I also can be sure that your child is ready for his/her trip home. I do let the children look at books and listen to stories or soothing music at nap time. The children are not forced to sleep, but do need to rest. Children under the age of 2, sleep in an individual pack and play, with a fitted sheet. Two (2) year olds may still be sleeping in a pack and play OR on a sheet covered matt. For the older children (3-6 yr. olds) a sheet covered matt, & blanket are allowed. Older children may bring a special stuffed animal, doll or special blanket for nap time, but PLEASE, no other toys.




Safe Sleep Environment for Infants


Infants also have their own individual pack and play, meaning it is not shared by another infant or child and is covered with a clean fitted sheet.  Soft bedding or materials that could pose a suffocation hazard are not permitted in the infants sleeping bed. Soft bedding means, but is not limited to, any soft sleep surface like bumper pads, pillows, blankets, quilts, comforters, sleep positioning devices, sheepskins, blankets, flat sheets, cloth diapers, bibs, plush toys, and stuffed animals. Infants will be placed on their backs for sleeping. Alternative sleeping positions for infants will only be allowed with a health care plan completed and signed by the child's physician. As of January 2016, swaddling of infants will only be allowed with a health care plan completed and signed by the child's physician. A monitor will be used while the infant(s) is sleeping and he/she will be physically checked on often. If an infant falls asleep during tummy time, he/she will be picked up and placed on their back in their sleeping bed. If an infant is wearing ties or a hood, they will be removed before laying them down for their nap. Clothing sacks or other clothing designed for sleep will be used instead of blankets if needed for additional warmth.


Paid Holidays/Vacations/Snow Days - School Closings: 


I will be closed and paid on all Teacher Holidays, as well as Fall Break, Christmas/ Winter Break and Spring Break.  I will not be paid for the months of June and July, and your child will have a spot to return to in August when school starts up again.   


Birthday's & Holidays Celebrations:


We celebrate Birthday's and Holiday's.  Generally, the parents like to send a "special" snack for their child's birthday.  However, if you prefer I am happy to prepare a special snack for after naptime for that day.  I would prefer this snack not be regular size cupcakes, as they are a huge mess with all the little ones, and they typically eat only the sugary frosting as it is. However, the small mini size cupcakes tend to work out just fine. Please let me know of your choice to supply a snack for your child's special day so that we do not "double do!"  Our holiday parties are generally in the morning considering the various pick up times for each child in the afternoon.  IF you do not wish for your child to participate in birthday celebrations, please let me know and I will respect your wishes, subtly moving your child to my play area during these celebrations.




Diaper Changing Procedure:


Children that wear diapers, are checked every 1 ½  - 2 hours and also changed as needed. Children's diapers will also be changed before naps and when he/she wakes up from their nap I give my 100% in trying to prevent diaper rash.  Both my hands and the child's hands are washed after each changing.  Also, I do use rubber gloves and they are changed in-between each child's diaper changing time.  I will try to let you know with about 1 weeks notice when your child will need to have more diapers sent to my home.


Product Recalls:


If a product has been recalled (toys, equipment and furnishings) I do receive information via email through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and will remove or update the product according to the manufactures instructions. ( I do regularly check my equipment for safety.  I do value any input/knowledge that you may have on a recall, and I do Thank you in advance for letting me know.                                                


Outside Play


We play outdoors as often as the weather permits. Outdoor climbing equipment as well as balls, sand, pails, shovels, water, chalk, and other toys are used. The swings and climbing equipment have sand/mulch surrounding the entire structure in case a child should fall. I do not allow skateboards, bikes with training wheels, roller skates etc. at my home during childcare hours, so helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. are unnecessary at my home for playtime.


Media:  Television Viewing, videos, music, computers: (An additional form needs to be    completed)


When in use, the television will be on a station showing appropriate shows for young children, or the children will be viewing an age appropriate tape or DVD.  During times of transition (drop off and pick up times, lunch preparations) educational programs are available for the children to view as they wait for their parent to pick them up.  Children 4 years old and over at times have the opportunity to use the computer with supervision, where they will solve questions on a child's web site.  We do enjoy listening to children's music and learning songs during our playtime throughout the day.




Transition from Bottle to Cup:        


Pediatricians say by the time most babies are about 9 months old, they have the motor skills to drink from a cup, if your child is showing these signs of development, I would like to start them drinking from a sippy cup. I will first, offer your child water in the cup and let your child experiment with it. I will try to work toward a complete transition to the cup by about 13 to14 months. Age 1 is also when doctors recommend switching from formula to cow's milk, so it can be a natural transition to offer milk in a cup rather than a bottle. This depends on what you and your doctor agrees upon. If you are still breastfeeding, you may want to continue, but avoid the bottle habit altogether by offering milk, diluted juice, or water in a cup.  You may ask, what's so horrible about toddlers drinking from bottles?  A child's teeth are susceptible to decay if he/she habitually nurses a bottle with sugar in its formula, milk, or juice in it. The longer the wait to start the transition, the more attached children become to their bottles and the more difficult it can become to break the bottle habit. Instead of cutting out bottles all at once, gradually eliminating bottles from the feeding schedule, starting at mealtime's works best! For example, if your baby typically drinks three bottles each day, we can start by eliminating the morning bottle or afternoon bottle. Instead of giving the baby a bottle right away, bring the baby to the table and after the feeding has started, offer milk from a cup. As you try to eliminate the morning or afternoon bottle, keep offering the one not eliminated along with the evening bottles for about a week, this way, if your child asks for the bottle you can provide assurance that one is coming later. The next week, eliminate another bottle feeding and provide milk in a cup instead, preferably when your baby is sitting at the table in a high chair. Generally, the last bottle to eliminate should be the nighttime bottle that bottle tends to be a part of the bedtime routine and is the one that most provides comfort to babies. It may help to give your child a comforting object to cuddle with, like a blanket or a favorite toy.                


Miscellaneous Information: 


If needed you may bring an item that provides your child with security as needed for nap time.  Please leave all other toys in the car or at  your home.   I will not be responsible for any toys unknowingly brought into my home of loss or breakage. Also, if your child maliciously breaks any of my toys or household items, parents will be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair. 




Driving on my street:  For my child care home to exist peacefully in my neighborhood, I ask you to respect the speed limit and my neighbor's driveways.  Also, take care to watch your speed through the neighborhood as there are many children that live along these streets. 


MY DRIVEWAY:  Over the years while doing childcare, I have come across some issues and would like to ask for your help in this matter.  Between oil puddles left on the driveway, never to go away, chunks/blocks of ice/snow that collect on the bottom of the cars that is deposited on the driveway that freezes onto the driveway for us to scrape off, cars parked in the driveway and not starting when trying to leave, snow that has been driven on which then makes shoveling it off so much harder and becomes icy, amongst other issues that have risen over the years, we ask that you please park on the street when dropping off or picking up your children unless circumstances do not allow.  Dan (my husband) works from home, but is in and out throughout the day, and needs to be able to leave the garage and have access to get back into the garage when he returns home.


Also, please remove your child's shoes at the door when it's wet/snowy or when have laid de-icing material outside.  This way I can minimize this material being tracked inside onto our floors and carpeting as well as salt pebbles not ending up in the baby's mouths.  Most of the kids prefer them off anyway, so this would be much appreciated.  IF you would like to bring slippers with the child to slip on for cold crummy days, or even leave an extra pair at my home, please feel free.  Thank you very much for your help and understanding with these situations.  A Happy home and no unfortunate Surprises is a great thing!!!!



Emergency Procedures & Evacuation Plans

Possible Emergencies: -


Notification to Parents: In the case of a natural disaster, parents/guardians will be notified by text to your cell phone.   Of course, we all strive for nothing but wonderful & perfect days, but despite a very watchful eye, the reality can be unfortunate and "stuff happens" especially with children, it's just a fact of life.  So should the unthinkable arise, I want you to know that I have already thought ahead of time of what my actions would be to be prepared to serve your child/ren to the best of my ability.

The safety and well-being of your child/ren is my primary concern. To help ensure that your children are safe, I have written the procedures/guidelines that I will take to keep all children in my care safe in the event of a disaster of any kind. Please remember these are only guidelines, and that extenuating circumstances may require alternate actions. The Radio/TV and Sirens are sources from which to hear the Emergency Alert System messages.  An alert is only issued when lives are in imminent danger. Whether we evacuate or need to shelter-in-place will depend on the disaster and the situation.


I must have numbers where parents can be reached plus the number of the child's personal physician or clinic.  It is extremely important that these numbers be kept current so that I may reach you when necessary.  The numbers may be checked from time to time to verify accuracy, but at least yearly.  In case of emergency, I always carry a cell phone, my cell phone number is 303-358-2377.  Parents must sign an emergency medical treatment form.  This form must initially be notarized and then verified yearly.  In the event of a medical emergency concerning your child, I will make every effort to contact you.  If you cannot be reached, or time does not allow an attempt, the release form will be used.                                                       

Accidents or Injuries: In the event of a child suffering from a serious injury, I will call 911 and have the child transported preferably to the Hospital you have requested on the information form you filled out. I will have my husband or another back-up person stay with the rest of the children while I go to the hospital with the injured child. I will call you, the parent(s) to meet us at the hospital.  If I cannot             






reach you, I will contact the emergency person you have requested, on the Child's Admission form. For minor injuries, I will apply first aid and to inform you of the injury upon pickup, if it's an "iffy" injury, I will call you, and let you know the situation and I will then leave the decision up to you if you feel the child may need medical attention and you may decide to come get him/her, or if you decide, the child may stay the rest of the day in my childcare, then you can check on the situation upon your arrival to my home upon pickup.

Emergency Transportation/ Evacuation: I will transport the children during an Emergency Evacuation using my own vehicle when appropriate. Once settled at this location I will notify the parents by way of text as to my location. This may be at a neighbor's house, school, fire station or church etc. I will have a "Go Bag" in my car in case we have to evacuate quickly that contains the children's emergency information, necessary supplies, blankets, food, water and a first aid kit. (Life threatening/serious conditions will be referred to a 911 call for ambulance assistance.)

Accidental Poisoning:  I, (the provider) will call the poison control center, determine what the child got into, then follow the poison center's recommendations, call 911 and then alert one of the parents of the incident.

Blizzard:  During a blizzard, all parents should try to pick up their child/ren early while roads allow travel; I also understand not all employers are that thoughtful to allow you to leave early.  In this case please just get to me a.s.a.p. most importantly please get to me in one piece, drive carefully, which is obviously more important than getting to me by 5 p.m. on days like this. I'm not going anywhere.  



Car Accident:  Should I or an authorized agent be involved in a car accident, we will attend to the needs of the children, find alternate transportation home if necessary, and notify all the parents of the children in care.  If I am incapacitated, I do have records on file easily assessable with a picture of each child attached to their paperwork in the vehicle to aid the rescue crew. 





Electrical Storms/High Wind/Hail:  During electrical storms, children will be kept away from windows and electric devices.  All electric devices not required will be turned off. Children afraid of thunder and lightning will be calmed to the best of my ability.

Fire:   I have 3 door exits from the child care area on the main floor and a door downstairs in order to evacuate.  In case of a fire, I will gather the children away from the danger of the fire and have the children exit from the closest and safest exit.  We will meet in our designated area and I will call 911 and then I will inform all the parents, by text of the situation.  Depending on the severity of the problem I may need to evacuate and/or will call you and have you come and pick up your child.  We do monthly fire drills, as well as practice drills for tornadoes and lockdowns 2-3 times per year.  By practicing these drills on a regular basis so that all children & adults in the home are familiar with the drill procedure & becomes a matter of our established routine.

Gas Leak/Neighborhood Evacuation/Power Outage:  In case of a neighborhood evacuation for whatever reason, I will load the children up into the car and I will go to the nearest shelter indicated by the authorities.  If for any reason this shelter is unavailable I will then take the children to one of the places below for parent pick up.  I will contact the parents by way of texting to let you know exactly where I am as soon as I?m there and situated with the children.  My mother's home; Edna Hanlon:  7817 S. Poplar Way, Centennial, CO - 720-390-7198. 

Injured Child:  Small bumps, scrapes and cuts will have first aid administered (soapy water and band aid per the Department of Social Services) and the parent will be notified at pick up time as to what happened.  For more severe injuries, I will call a parent, or if needed 911 and then notify the parents.  Should the child need to be transported, I will relay the parent's choice of hospital to paramedics as indicated on your intake records.



LockdownLockdown Drill -is a drill in which the occupants of a building are restricted to the interior of the building and the building is secured. If a lockdown is required (usually set by the Department of Public Safety/Emergency Notification System) I do have a reverse 911 on my cell.  We will go inside, and head downstairs.  I will lock all doors, cover & lock the windows & stay away from windows and doors.  No one will be allowed in or out of the house until an "All Clear" signal is given by police/fire/or an authorized personnel.  (A lockdown may be initiated when there is a threat of violence to our community or threat of chemical exposure from outside.  I will notify parents by text should this situation ever involve my home and the kids).                                                   


Lost Child:  Heaven forbid, if I cannot locate a child, but If a child is missing, all the other children will be gathered in one area while I check the remainder of the childcare area and house for the lost child.  I will then check outdoors and the neighboring homes.  I would then contact the police and the child's parents. 

Radiological or Hazardous Material: is a threat; I will take the children downstairs (this is where I have fewest windows/doors).  I will seal the window, turn off the ventilation systems.  Close the window shades, blinds/curtains and then stay away from windows/ doors.  I will then bring the children into bathroomIf possible, I will fill my bathtub for additional water supply and then turn off the intake valve to my home.                                                                  

Reverse Evacuation: If we are outside and an emergency arises, we will go inside the house, lock the doors and follow the Lockdown procedure, (see above).

Shelter in Place: Shelter-in-place drill -  is a drill in which the occupants of a building seek shelter in the building from an external threat).  This may be an instruction given by local officials to stay indoors until authorities say it is safe or to evacuate. If we are to stay indoors we will use the same precaution as for a Tornado but, if needed, with the addition of sealing all cracks around the door and any vents into the room with plastic and duct tape.  If we are in a vehicle, we will close all the windows, turn off vents and air conditioning.





Special Needs Child:  This concerns any child with disabilities and those with access and functional needs. My plan will include specific requirements indicating how all children with special needs will be included in all of my emergency plans.  Once they have enrolled, I will then determine what those individual needs are and develop a plan to accommodate all the children to either leave my home for safety reasons or remain in a safe place in my home, until the threat has passed.

Tornado Watch/Warning:  Once we are aware of a tornado warning, I will gather the children and move them to the basement away from the window to the interior of the play area.  I have plenty of blankets, flashlights, food, cell phone, a first aid kit and a radio with extra batteries. I will watch the television and/or listen to the radio for instructions. We will sit in an area that has the least potential for being hit with flying debris.  We will stay in the basement until an "all clear message" is announced. If there is damage done to my house, we will go to a nearby shelter and I will text you from there to pick up your child.  If we are out on a field trip if a warning occurs, I will bring the children to the safest area nearby and text you.                     

Winter Storms: My home is equipped with blankets, extra clothes, first aid equipment, food for several days, plenty of bottled water, and flash lights. The children will be safe and entertained should they have to stay longer than my childcare hours, which would certainly be the least of my worries.






I am a self-employed licensed childcare provider.  I have tried to be fair in setting up these guidelines to help us both see what we can do for one another.  The financial arrangements are there for my family to maintain a monthly balance we depend on and you can budget.  I do expect the respect and consideration you would give any other professional.  Please remember my business is necessary for the support and well-being of my own family.  Any changes in the services contract should be fully discussed and agreed upon before activation.


Your child(ren) well-being is very important to me, and I want to keep communication open.  Please ask me for a conference at any time.  If necessary, I will ask the same of you.  Please feel free to bring me any complaints or compliments.  As required by regulations, I am listing the number to the Colorado Department of Human Services, which is (303) 866-5958.  The Official Rules Regulating Family Childcare Homes can be obtained at the Division of Child Care 1575 Sherman St, Denver, CO  80203 or at   Secretary of state Website address if needed: 

I appreciate the trust that you have given to me in taking care of your most prize possession in the world.  Be guaranteed that I will love and nurture your child as I did my own, and that this choice you have made will be known to you in no time, that it was the best choice for your child that you could have made.  I hope we have a long, friendly, happy business relationship.  If you EVER have any questions or concerns, please let me know right away so that you can always have peace of mind when your child/ren is/are in my care.











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