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My philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational and secure environment for your children.  I will strive to enrich each child with a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity.  I also strive to promote mutual respect between the parent, the child and myself.  To accomplish these goals, I will work:


1.         To provide a nurturing atmosphere to promote a child’s creativity and positive self-image.


2.         To provide the children with many different educational activities and play centers to explore and participate in.  I will provide developmentally appropriate programs for the children to experience and enjoy.  These programs are either developed by me, purchased through a preschool program, or one of my many educational books I have on hand, to have a variety of many fun and different ideas.  I enjoy incorporating field trips, walks, library visits, music, art and stories into my program.


3.         To provide positive methods of discipline to reinforce the strengths of the children and to help develop respect for others.  I will try to develop age-appropriate limits to help the children gain a sense of independence and responsibility.


4.          And also to be available to parents for the purpose of daily communication.  My doors are always open to the parents.


5.          I support the NAEYC Code of Conduct to ensure the well-being as well as to support the healthy development of young children.  For more information on the NAEYC Code of Conduct please visit:


I believe that children have the right to a nurturing, safe, environment where they can feel comfortable and secure. I feel that the children have a right to develop to their maximum abilities and I would like to help provide this opportunity for them to do so in my home.  I will guide them in developing a positive self-esteem through love and respect as well as academic and physical skills at their own development level. I believe children learn best through play and participation with their environment and I will provide a variety of opportunities to promote growth in all areas to help in developing your child to his/her full potential.


Our day is loosely structured to balance a need for security and predictability with ample amounts of playtime. I believe that consistency and limits are very important for the children to know and learn. Provided we work together as a team, this will help your child's development as well as their trust and security. Because I am able to give more "one-on-one"  attention than a big center, I am able to encourage each child to grow according to their needs, not mine.  I am very happy with my "job." I have realized that this is truly where I belong and I can't think of anything I'd rather do for many reasons.



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